Bloomberg Peddles Chinese Propaganda

( One of the reasons China has such an easy time peddling its garbage propaganda in the United States is because the American corporate news media does it for them. That became abundantly clear when the COVID pandemic struck.

From CNN to the New York Times to Bloomberg News, American media outlets worked tirelessly to shield Beijing from scrutiny while unquestioning burping out China’s lies about COVID.

Here we are nearly two years into this pandemic, and they’re still at it.

This week, Bloomberg published an article headlined “China Basks in COVID Vindication as Omicron Closes Borders” that crowed about how China is sitting pretty while the rest of the world scrambles to close its borders over the new Omicron variant.

In tweeting out the article, Bloomberg Politics wrote, “The emergence of a new coronavirus variant has provided some vindication for China’s Covid Zero approach, which has kept strict border controls in place since the start of the pandemic.”

The article unquestioningly accepts as fact every claim made by the Communist Chinese Government. Nobody’s that’s naïve. But Bloomberg’s decision to peddle Chinese propaganda has nothing to do with naïveté. Instead, Bloomberg is just doing what it promised.

Back in May, in his book Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption, Breitbart editor-in-chief Alex Marlow revealed the cozy relationship between Michael Bloomberg’s news conglomerate and the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda office.

In addition to complying with CCP censors, Bloomberg executives regularly traveled to China to meet with senior CCP officials in state propaganda.

By working with China’s propaganda office, Bloomberg News is not only looking to comply with CCP censorship within China; it is, according to Marlow’s investigation, also working to present “China and Chinese stories to the world.”

Marlow argued that Bloomberg News agreed to serve as a propaganda outlet for the Communist Chinese Government. Worse still, this propaganda relationship with the CCP is, according to Marlow, “not limited to Bloomberg.”

Shortly after the book’s release, Marlow appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss what his investigation uncovered about Bloomberg’s agreement to serve as a propaganda outlet for Beijing: