Boebert Has Bizarre Excuse For District Swap

Since the 2016 presidential election in which the real estate mogul and reality TV star from New York City Donald Trump achieved an upset victory over the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, the National Republican Party has struggled to compete in any subsequent election cycle. Indeed, while Donald Trump likely single handedly prevented twelve consecutive years of Democratic control of the executive branch of government, the party has not been able to truly unify around the outsider elitist turned politician and embrace his populist conservative messaging on a large scale. Additionally, while the party deserves considerable blame for poor execution, infighting and disorganization, the reality is that as much as Trump was a catalyst for the entry of new coalitions of voters to enter the party, he was also a deterrent. Many moderate Republicans in affluent suburbs and more urban centers that had embraced centrist messaging branded by establishment Republicans like Mitt Romney were completely turned away from the GOP due to Trump’s bombastic and populist nature.

This has created a much more polarized America in which traditionally “red” states have become increasingly red and traditionally “blue” states have become increasingly blue. The country has experienced levels of political tension and polarization not witnessed in arguably 160 years since the American Civil War as 2024 nears ever closer.

In truth, the political establishment of the United States on both sides has governed in irresponsible, corrupt, and self-serving ways for decades, and the only people that have suffered are ordinary citizens. In one congressional district in a blue state, the Republican Lauren Boebert announced that she was abandoning her constituents in the 3rd district to run in the 4th, changing her address. Boebert appears to be yet another self-serving politician with no regard for her individual community, abandoning those who voted for her in 2022 and helped her win a razor-thin victory. She blamed celebrities in the district for fundraising against her.