Bomb Threat Made At Trump Hotel

( A Michigan man is facing charges after being accused of creating a bomb hoax at the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas.

The man, Dandre Maurice Lundy, told officers in Vegas that he made the threat to send a message to former President Donald Trump, claiming that he had “ruined his life.”

In a Clark County jail following his Tuesday arrest, Lundy admitted to the crime. He was arrested at a cheap motel close to the Trump hotel building.

Reports revealed how bomb technicians discovered a duffel bag and a suitcase that Lundy allegedly left behind at a hotel service desk. The bags, however, did not contain any bombs or any hazardous material. After leaving them behind, he hailed a cab, left for his cheap motel.

Lundy revealed to officers that the suitcase contained a $1 bill, a rock, a Bible, and a number of handwritten documents that he called “scriptures.” He claims that Trump had made his life hell for the last three years, according to the police report.

Newsmax columnist James Hirsen had an interesting take on the story, writing on Twitter that the media’s promotion of virulent anti-Trump hatred – also known as “Trump Derangement Syndrome” – can be “dangerous.”

Would this man have committed this insane crime had the media not promoted various conspiracy theories about the former president?

And will more people be motivated to commit crimes like this – and perhaps follow through next time – if they genuinely believe the lies told about the former president?

A judge set the Michigan man’s bail at $60,000, and prosecutors will have until September 7 to file a criminal complaint against him.

Lundy, aged 44, said that he had traveled from Michigan to Las Vegas and admitted to officers that he understand the bomb threat would cause alarm – meaning he is likely to face criminal charges. Thankfully.