BOMBSHELL – Hunter Biden’s CHINESE Link!

A new scandal involving members of the Biden family appears to be brewing. In a story broken by Fox news, the House Ways and Means Committee has just released messages that seem to show Hunter Biden promoting a meeting between his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, Biden’s brother Jim, and the head of a Chinese energy firm.

In the messages, Hunter Biden asked the CEO of CEFC Global Strategic Holdings Yadong Liu if he could meet on the evening of December 12, 2017. His father, he said, would be in New York at the time. The Former Vice President had asked Hunter to attend a memorial service for victims of the Sandy Hook school massacre, and Hunter expressed his desire to introduce the energy mogul to his father. Afterwards, he said to Yadong, “you and I can talk.”

The younger Biden then apologized for the last minute nature of the request, adding that he’d just gotten off a red-eye flight from Los Angeles to Baltimore and was napping when his father’s message came in.

Yadong replied that the request was “no problem,” and requested a time and place for the meet.

A little under two weeks after the proposed meet, Hunter again messaged Yadong. Yadong replied that he hadn’t given Hunter a report on the results of his dealings, but said that he took comfort that Hunter had been continuing discussions with one of his colleagues, an executive at CEFC China Energy named Gongwen Dong.

Yadong went on to say that his boss attached “great importance” to the meetings with the Biden families. The current political circumstances, he said, made it difficult to make a deal on any of the projects that the men had discussed. He did not wish for the relationship between himself and the Bidens to be “misunderstood or misconstrued.” He expressed hope that, in future, the “legal uncertainties” would be removed so that the group could work together, and proposed further meetings.