Border Crisis Escalates At Arizona Border

A record number of Mexican migrants are attempting to cross the border into Arizona, intensifying the border catastrophe that the Biden administration has presided over. Of the almost 19,000 migrants captured by Tucson Sector officers in December, 18,900 were caught attempting to enter the Arizona–Mexico border unlawfully. Due to Border Patrol officers’ inability to handle the influx, hundreds of migrants have been left trapped near the border wall in the cold weather. The United States has had to release large numbers of migrants into its interior.

Sector leaders of the Border Patrol submitted damning evidence to a congressional hearing, claiming that the anticipation of “rapid release into the interior” contributed to the creation of the nation’s unprecedented border crisis. Since Biden took office, the Yuma Sector in Arizona has released around 70% of the illegal aliens detained there.

According to the findings of the Homeland Security Committee’s in-depth interviews with eight sector commanders of the Border Patrol, the absence of substantial penalties for illegal entrance has led to the creation of adverse incentives to enter the United States on foot.

Despite the INA’s prohibition on parole and its limitation to a “case by case” and “temporary” basis, an unprecedented number of illegal immigrants have been freed, with over 1.6 million being released under some kind of parole. Even though their hearings are sometimes years away, the Border Patrol has released more than 1.2 million undocumented immigrants with a Notice to Appear (NTA) on their recognizance. Since February 2021, more than half a million NTAs have been issued by the Office of Field Operations (OFO) of Customs and Border Protection. At least 104,000 undocumented immigrants were temporarily allowed to remain in the nation in 2021 after being issued a Notice to Report (NTR) to appear before an ICE office within sixty days.

Lastly, with a horrifying 2.48 million migrants, the fiscal year 2023 (which ended in September) broke the previous record of 2.38 million migrants in 2022. August saw 232,963 migrants seen by CBP; in September, the last month of the fiscal year, federal officials encountered 269,735 illegal immigrants, a record for a single month. Illegal immigration in the Tucson Sector increased by a whopping 109% in September compared to August and 48% for the fiscal year of 2023.