Border Patrol Whistleblower Reveals Cartel Calling the Shots

The southern border is being overwhelmed with criminal illegal immigrants, and law enforcement agencies are either unable or unwilling to stop them.

An unnamed Border Patrol agent gave this grave warning last week on a cable news program. According to the agent, who spoke with journalist Ali Bradley, President Joe Biden is presiding over a more hazardous and disorganized environment.

The agent, who spoke anonymously on camera out of fear for his life, informed Bradley that the cartel, not the government, was in charge of the border.  He went on to say that our actions are always a response to their plans.  American civilians are left to their own devices since law enforcement is woefully unable to deal with these recognized dangers.

No one is coming to save you.

The agent told Bradley that his connection with God made him unafraid of danger, in response to Bradley’s question about if he was worried for his life. He is more worried about the safety of other Border Patrol personnel, as the policies are putting them in danger.

He expressed his belief that the Biden administration is showing favoritism to illegal migrants while becoming more antagonistic towards the agents.

The agent did not want to be named but did say that the higher-ups in the Border Patrol are critical and refuse to back the agents on the ground, which demoralizes them.

Border Patrol has recorded a record number of illegal migration interactions during Biden’s presidency. However, the most alarming figure is the approximately nearly 2 million “Gotaways” that have entered the nation since 2021.

Anyone who has managed to avoid being apprehended is considered a Gotaway. Many illegal aliens are able to enter the nation undetected by our overburdened and underfunded immigration authorities because of Biden’s ineffective leadership.

The drug traffickers are bringing in enough fentanyl to murder every American citizen, and some of those individuals who cross the border are taking advantage of that vulnerability.

Some may be terrorists plotting their next devastating assault on the United States, while others may be convicts trying to evade capture after committing horrific crimes in their own nations.

Neither Biden nor his secretary of homeland security, Alejandro Mayorkas, seem concerned about this.