Boris Johnson Wants To Deploy Ukraine Planes To Fight Drones

( The United Kingdom and its allies, according to former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, must provide Ukraine with planes to shoot down drones.

In an interview with CNN, Johnson spoke about Ukraine’s battle against Russia, which started an aggressive invasion in February.

Johnson told CNN’s Richard Quest that the UK needs to provide Ukraine with better artillery, but they also should be sending them helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft that can travel fast enough to take out the drone. And you can accomplish this with quite simple planes.

Johnson said the Ukrainians visited him. Spitfires are no longer manufactured. You need a plane capable of flying a few hundred miles per hour.

The Biden administration turned down requests from Ukraine and a bipartisan group of American senators earlier this month to provide President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s military with cutting-edge drones.

Pentagon sources expressed concern to The Wall Street Journal that Russian President Vladimir Putin may see a drone supply as evidence that the United States was offering weapons that could target locations within Russia.

However, Johnson claimed that more could be done to assist Ukraine in self-defense without appearing to increase offensive capability.

Johnson was asked how he would continue to support Ukraine if the rest of Europe endures a severe winter without the regular energy supply from Russia while speaking to Quest at an event for CNN Portugal.

Johnson told CNN that you go to significant audiences in places like Lisbon and try to get your message out because “it’s going to be a tough one.”

In numerous regions, notably Kyiv, where temperatures have already plummeted below freezing due to the country’s crippled energy capacity, Ukrainians prepared for winter with little to no power.

According to Johnson, who spoke to CNN, the strike on their infrastructure is strengthening the Ukrainian resolve.

“Keep in mind what the London Blitz did to the city. It didn’t result in a morale breakdown. On the contrary, the aerial bombardment reinforced morale,” Johnson said.