Brett Kavanaugh Most Heard-Of And Unpopular Supreme Court Justice, Poll Finds

( During the hysteria surrounding the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, one of the writers for the Late Show with Stephen Colbert inadvertently said the quiet part out loud. In a now-deleted tweet, Late Show writer Ariel Dumas tweeted on October 6, 2018, “Whatever happens, I’m just glad we ruined Brett Kavanaugh’s life.”

And there it is. This was the purpose of the smear campaign – not to stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation, but to completely destroy the man and ruin his reputation so that when he made it to the Supreme Court, he would be forever hobbled by the smear campaign.

And it’s worked.

According to a recent poll conducted by Marquette University Law School, while the majority of Americans view the Supreme Court favorably, Brett Kavanaugh received the highest unfavorable rating of all nine justices.

Thirty-two percent of respondents have an unfavorable opinion of Kavanaugh while only 26 percent view him favorably.

A large percentage of respondents didn’t know enough who Stephen Breyer was – with 43 percent saying they never heard of him. The same is true for Elena Kagan (43 percent never heard of her), Samuel Alito (39 percent), and Neil Gorsuch (35 percent). Even Chief Justice Roberts wasn’t known by 30 percent of respondents.

But when it comes to Brett Kavanaugh, never hearing of him was not the problem. The poll found that among the nine Justices, not only was Kavanaugh the one with the lowest approval, he was also the most well-known name on the Supreme Court. Only 17 percent said they did not know him while 58 percent of respondents said they knew enough about him to rate his performance.

Yes, of course they “know enough.” And everything they know is courtesy of a slandering corporate news media, pro-abortion activists and idiots like actress Alyssa Milano.

The smear campaign was effective, not by preventing Brett Kavanaugh from getting onto the Supreme Court – that was never the objective. The activists who hoped to destroy Brett Kavanaugh’s life wanted to make him notorious. And they succeeded.

“Comedy” writer Ariel Dumas got her wish.