Brian Laundrie Autopsy Inconclusive

( The skeletal remains of Brian Laundrie have been sent to a forensic anthropologist for further evaluation after Friday’s autopsy results could not determine the cause or manner of his death.

His skeletal remains, along with a backpack and notebook belonging to Brian Laundrie, were found last Wednesday within the marshy Carlton Reserve not far from the Laundries’ home. The remains were located about a 40-minute walk away from the Myakkahatchee Creek park where Laundrie’s parents discovered their Ford Mustang the day after their son went missing.

Investigators said Laundrie’s body had spent weeks submerged underwater after heavy rains flooded parts of the park last month. His body was later exposed after the waters receded in recent weeks. As a result of the flooding, cadaver dogs had a difficult time sniffing out the decaying remains.

Using dental records belonging to Brian Laundrie, the FBI confirmed on Thursday that the remains were indeed his.

But according to the Laundrie’s family attorney Steven Bertolino, the preliminary autopsy conducted on Friday was inconclusive. While their attorney confirmed that the remains have been sent to a forensic anthropologist, no timeline has been given for when the anthropologist will conclude the evaluation of Laundrie’s remains.

Forensic anthropologists were also called in to analyze the body of Laundrie’s fiancée Gabby Petito, who was found in a Wyoming national park last month.

Bertolino said that the Laundrie family has no immediate plans to hold a funeral for their son, but Brian’s body will ultimately be cremated.

Laundrie had not been charged in Petito’s death, but was named on a federal fraud warrant out of Wyoming for allegedly using her debit card to charge more than $1,000 as he made his way home to Florida.

Laundrie’s parents said that their son left home on September 13, telling them he was going for a hike in the Carlton Reserve. When he didn’t return later that night, Chris Laundrie went to look for his son. The next day, Brian’s parents returned to the area to continue the search and found their Ford Mustang abandoned at the Myakkahatchee Creek park which serves as an entrance to the Carlton Reserve. The next day they came back to retrieve the vehicle.