British Teen Goes Missing After Attending Music Festival on Island

British teenager Jay Slater, who hails from the Lancashire town of Oswaldtwistle, has been missing from a Tenerife music festival since Monday.

Along with his friend Lucy Mae and another acquaintance, the 19-year-old apprentice bricklayer went to the Canary Islands last week for the ‘New Rave Generation’ (NRG) music event.

When Jay opted to remain out with the folks they met that day instead of returning to the accommodation with his buddies, things began to go awry. Jay frantically contacted Lucy on Monday morning to tell her that he had tried to make his way back after missing the bus but was now confused as to where he was and desperately in need of water.

Nobody has heard from him since then.

Here is a timeline of his last known hours:

-June 16th, in the evening: As they were leaving the South Tenerife event, Jay told Lucy that he was staying at their flat at an undisclosed place with a bunch of people he had met that day. A rented car belonged to one of the guests.

-Eight minutes before he vanishes, at 8:35 p.m., Jay appears in his last Snapchat video, dressed in a green-striped gray t-shirt.

-Around 8:15 in the morning on June 17th, Lucy received a frantic call from Jay, who was reportedly lost, with a phone battery life of barely one percent. Jay also expressed an extreme need for water.

-According to Jay, he was trying to walk back using mapping software on his phone since he missed the bus.

-His phone’s location was in a hilly national park region, almost an hour’s walk from where he was staying.

-Just before eight in the morning, Jay’s phone suddenly stops working. Its final resting place is likely in the national park of Rural de Teno, in the vicinity of the PR-TF51 hiking route, high above the little town of Masca.

-Tenerife police are notified at 9.04 a.m., and Lucy also contacts the British Embassy.

Police officers knocked on the door of Jay’s parents, Debbie Duncan and Andy Watson, 63, in the wee hours of the morning on June 18 to inform them that Jay had gone missing.

At 11:35 a.m., Ms. Duncan and Zak, Jay’s brother, board the first aircraft out of Manchester airport and arrive in Tenerife.

-1:45 pm, the hunt for Jay’s whereabouts has involved the deployment of helicopters and specialized mountain rescue teams.

2:30 pm, Ms. Duncan updates her Facebook appeal to say that her son is still missing and to ask anybody with information to come forward.

According to a Civil Guard official, helicopters and mountain rescue teams have augmented the search for Jay.