Caitlyn Jenner Targeted By The Radical Left Mob

( Caitlyn Jenner, the Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete also known for her transition from man to woman, announced recently that she intends to run for the Republican nomination for California Governor…and it’s sent the far left into meltdown.

The Republican candidate told TMZ last Saturday that she didn’t believe in allowing transgender girls to compete in girls’ sports, stating that it was simply a “question of fairness.”

“It just isn’t fair. And we have to protect girls’ sports in our schools,” she added.

The remarks immediately caused a storm from left-wing activists and outlets. You’d think that Caitlyn Jenner might know a thing or two about the biological advantage that males have in sports – being an Olympic athlete – but far-left activists on Twitter saw it as a threat to their control over the narrative on transgender rights.

Transgender model “Plastic Martyr” used it as an opportunity to gain more followers and slam Caitlyn Jenner, egregiously claiming that the Republican candidate was “self-loathing.”

“Caitlyn Jenner opposes trans girls competing on female sports teams…..Excuse me while the trans community takes the knife out of our back,” she wrote on Twitter.

CNN snarkily remarked that Jenner didn’t answer a follow-up question about whether banning transgender women from women’s sports would “delegitimize” their identity, but nobody has yet answered Jenner’s point that biological males have a natural advantage over biological females.

Another far-left commentator named Charlotte Clymer said that Caitlyn Jenner is “anti-trans.”

“I have absolutely no problem saying Caitlyn Jenner supports and directly benefits from transphobia,” she said.

Have Democrats and left-wing activists lost their collective minds?

Or could they just be terrified that the Republicans could well elect a transgender celebrity as Governor of California and completely change the left’s narrative that Republicans are bigots?