California Cop Under Investigation for Affair Makes Shocking Revelation

In the midst of investigations into allegations of an affair with the wife of a fellow cop, the married chief of police in California has made a shocking claim about his beautiful wife.

The former Fresno Police Chief Paco Balderrama, 47, was recently named by city officials as being under investigation for an alleged affair he was having.

He allegedly hurt a male coworker’s career prospects since a promotion would have cut into his time with the man’s wife.

Tuesday saw Balderrama’s sudden resignation from his job after his placement on administrative leave on June 13.

Paco made a stunning assertion in a press interview approximately two weeks ago when he intimated that his wife Kyla had forgiven him. The father-of-three spoke to reporters despite being ordered not to discuss the pending inquiry.

In his remarks, Balderrama thanked his fellow officers and the community for their support and prayers, admitted his humanity and imperfections, and promised to work tirelessly to lead the police force to even higher heights.

Balderrama allegedly began an affair with a fellow officer’s wife in August of 2021 and continued for two years.

The fellow officer said in his statement that he had been advocating for a departmental shift away from patrol and into another division in order to have more leeway in his duties.

The officer’s schedule would have been altered by the change in assignment, allowing more time on weekends. However, this would have made it more difficult for Balderrama to spend quality time with his wife.

It was said that Balderrama and the department chose another officer to fill the position—allowing the chief to continue the affair—in response to the allegations.

In February, the unnamed subordinate and his lawyers informed the Fresno City Attorney about the alleged affair, which they say came to a stop when it was discovered in 2023.

In an earlier email to the department, Balderrama stated his intention to “own” his shortcomings and distributed a message to the police.

Georgeanne White, the city manager of Fresno, stated that Chief Balderrama’s actions regarding the improper relationship were not absolved by his departure.

Balderrama stated in a city statement that he felt it was the “right time” to resign. 

He reportedly filed for a chief of police post in Austin, Texas, while on paid leave. Although the exact date of his application is unclear, the city of Austin began taking resumes for the new position in May, well before the rumor of the alleged romance broke.