Canadian truckers take their protest to Ottawa airport for ‘parade’

( Trump-supporting rocker Ted Nugent said in a recent interview that the country would be lucky to have former President Trump return to the White House.

In an interview, the rightwing, pro-gun Nugent said he loves Trump, though, he agrees with those who think the former President talks too much, describing Trump as “too verbose.”

At the same time, Nugent said sometimes the country needs a blunt president to spark action on critical problems.

He offered the areas in which he thinks Trump made the best accomplishments during his time in office, including getting illegal immigration under control by securing the border. Nugent said accomplishments are the only things that matter, adding that he hopes the Republican establishment can look beyond the “relentless tsunami of hate and lies” about Trump so he can “once again take the helm.”

Nugent has also offered his outspoken support for the Canadian truckers’ “Freedom Convoy” and expressed his own opposition to mask and vaccine mandates.

In late January, Nugent appeared at the “We Stand America” 2-day event in Hidalgo, Texas along with other Trump supporters to promote election security and securing the border.

The rally was a bit of a dud, with less than one hundred people attending. Rally organizers accused Democrats of hacking their system and stealing 600 tickets while spreading the rumor that the event was canceled.

During the “We Stand America” event, Nugent said the small crowd was because “the powers that be hate freedom” and America. He told the assembled to stand up against the “evil Marxists” in the government, the media, and Big Tech.