Candace Owens Lashes Out At Cardi B

Conservative commentator Candace Owens has lashed out at rapper Cardi B for saying she would never again endorse a Presidential candidate because of Democrat budget cuts in her native New York City.

The hit musician, whose real name is Belcalis Almánzar, endorsed Joe Biden in 2020 but revoked her support during a 10-minute Instagram video and condemned New York Mayor Eric Adams for enacting public cuts to police, libraries, schools, and other services. The video attracted 14 million views.

Owens called out Cardi B, saying she’s relieved that the Democrat supporter finally realized that America is not putting its own people first, adding, “I only wish she had done this before she helped to elect a senile man whose party has single-handedly created the migrant crisis that taxpayers are now suffering the consequences from.”

The two women have been involved in a feud since 2020 when Owens called Almánzar illiterate and said an interview she conducted with the then-Presidential candidate Joe Biden was “carefully crafted” to appeal to black voters. Candace Owens is the founder and leader of Blexit – an organization that tries to persuade black Americans to abandon the Democrats.

Ms. Owens has been in hot water recently with fellow conservatives after making controversial statements about Israel. She had a public row with fellow Daily Wire commentator Ben Shapiro and accused him of being “emotionally unhinged.”

The fallout was prompted by a Twitter post in which Owens appeared to accuse Israel of committing “genocide” in the Middle East. She later followed this up with Biblical quotes and wrote, “You cannot serve both God and money.” Shapiro replied, telling Owens if she was uncomfortable taking money from the Daily Wire, she should quit.

In response, Owens said Shapiro was “unprofessional,” and she and Daily Wire colleagues “have all tried to exercise exceeding understanding for your raw emotion,” but “you cross a certain line when you come for scripture and read yourself into it. I will not tolerate it.”