Candidate Calls for Election Changes

( On Friday, One America News interviewed Melissa Carone who is running for Michigan state rep in 2022. She discussed with reporter Christina Bobb some of the changes in elections she would like to see in place before the 2022 election.

Watch HERE.

So long as Michigan’s Governor is Gretchen Whitmer, Melissa Corone probably shouldn’t hold her breath.

In late October, Whitmer vetoed three Republican-backed bills meant to tighten voter ID laws in the state.

Whitmer claimed 18,000 Michigan voters would be disenfranchised by these Senate bills. She also argued that “communities of color” would be disproportionately harmed. The governor wrote in her veto statement that “non-white” voters are five times more likely to “lack access to ID on election day.”

Are they five times more likely to lack ID when they run to the liquor store?

Whitmer also vetoed a bill that would have required those voting by provisional ballots to establish their identities within six days after the election otherwise their vote wouldn’t be counted.

The third bill Whitmer vetoed would have removed certain fees for obtaining a state ID card except in certain circumstances.

So the Republicans offer a bill to make it more affordable to get an official ID card, and Whitmer vetoes it while at the same complaining that “communities of color” are less likely to have ID.

There’s no winning with a Democrat.

In her veto statement, Whitmer repeated the claim that there is no evidence of voter fraud. She added that she would be “proud” to sign any “election reforms” that would “strengthen our democracy.” Which is just another way of saying, Whitmer would be happy to sign any law that removes every safeguard that protects the legitimacy of elections.

Gretchen Whitmer didn’t veto these bills because she thought they would “disenfranchise” anyone. She vetoed them because Democrats are going to block any attempt to secure the integrity of our free and fair elections. Because at the end of the day, Gretchen Whitmer doesn’t want Michigan elections to be secure.

The only way Melissa Carone, and Michiganders as a whole, can hope to make the elections more secure is by getting rid of Gretchen Whitmer next November.