Capitol Fencing To Be Removed

( The Beltway’s performative post-“insurrection” show is finally wrapping up its six month long run and leaving town.

Last week, the Associated Press reported that the remaining fencing surrounding the US Capitol to beat back the mythical right wing insurrectionists is likely to come down in the coming days.

In March, Capitol Police removed the outer fence that obstructed vehicle and pedestrian traffic. But the interior perimeter fence remained around the Capitol – no doubt to lend to the fiction that an army of frothing, angry White Supremacist Domestic Terrorists were still hiding in the bushes waiting to strike.

Sources told the AP that the USCP board’s plan is to remove the remaining fencing by July 9. But for some reason, these sources couldn’t get into the detail – no doubt to create the impression that these plans must remain as secretive as the Normandy invasion so that the White Supremacist Domestic Terrorists don’t learn of them in advance.

Overall, turning the Capitol into a war zone was an optics disaster for the incoming Biden Administration. While Joe Biden entered office with the message of a return to normalcy and unity, Pelosi’s war zone delivered the completely opposite appearance.

In addition to turning Biden’s inauguration into some kind of dystopic military occupation, the fencing surrounding the so-called “People’s House” made the Capitol look less the “People’s House” and more like a no-go zone for the people.

But turning DC into a militarized zone was a necessary stage performance to help Pelosi and the Democrats advance the narrative that America’s “democracy is under attack.”

In March, a man rammed his car into one of the police checkpoints of Nancy’s barricades, killing a Capitol Police officer in the process. Or, put another way, killing more Capitol Police officers than were killed in the 3-hour melee on January 6.

Initially, the USCP board had requested that Congressional leaders keep the fencing in place until September. So what changed? Did they realize the optics were backfiring on them?

Ironically, the DHS recently issued a warning of potential attacks from “domestic violent extremists, motivated by various violent ideologies” that they claimed would happen this summer. Clearly these attacks aren’t worrisome at all if the Capitol Police Board is willing to remove the interior fencing in the midst of summer and two months ahead of schedule.