Catholic Church Head Denounces Joe Biden

( President Joe Biden likes to present himself as a staunch Catholic, but Catholic leaders often disagree with his far-left policies…notably his support of abortion. And after the president attempted to host a town hall event at the Catholic Mount St. Joseph University, Archbishop Dennis Schnurr criticized the decision and said that if it were up to him, President Biden would not have been invited to attend a Catholic institution.

That’s gotta hurt.

In a statement, Schnurr said that he had not been contacted by the president or his staff about the visit to Cincinnati for the CNN town hall at the university. The statement added that Archbishop Schnurr would not have granted is approval for any such event to take place on Catholic premises. However, the University, the statement states, is run by the Sisters of Charity’s sponsorship and isn’t under the direct control of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, meaning the archbishop ultimately cannot make the decision.

Some Catholic Joe Biden is. His religion’s own leaders don’t even recognize him.

Biden has even been explicitly criticized by Catholic leaders, including the executive director of Cincinatti Right to Life, Med DeBlase. She said in a statement that while the president “touts himself as a faithful Catholic,” he is really just “causing public scandal” and has committed a “grave sin” in the Catholic Church by supporting the practice of abortion.

The event was so controversial that the university set up a complaints line for people to call, which played an automated message stating that the university does not share the president’s views, but that they are nonetheless “humbled, honored and proud” to host the townhall.

If you have to set up a dedicated complaint line, then clearly there’s something wrong…