Catholic Church Leaders Rally Behind Banning Of Nancy Pelosi From Communion

( A slew of American bishops has backed San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, who has barred Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from taking Holy Communion due to her outspoken pro-abortion activism.

Recently, at least a dozen American bishops have issued public comments applauding and thanking Archbishop Cordileone for his courageous, heroic, and compassionate move. Reports also show Lincoln Bishop James Conley has expressed his support for Archbishop Cordileone’s courageous pastoral outreach to a member of his flock, saying his actions are made as a shepherd with the heart of Christ.

Bishop Conley posted to Twitter that he prays for Speaker Pelosi’s conversion of heart and all those who fight for the abolition of human life in the womb. He asked that all pray for them to recognize the dignity of every human soul, whether born or unborn.

On the Diocese of Madison website, a statement from Bishop Donald Hying claims Speaker Pelosi has persistently taken public positions in support of legal abortion, contrary to her professed Catholic faith. She chooses to separate herself from full communion with the Catholic Church. She, therefore, is not to present herself for the reception of Holy Communion in the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

Bishop David Ricken of Green Bay also expressed his full support for Archbishop Cordileone’s decision to deny Nancy Pelosi Holy Communion on his social media account. Speaker Pelosi’s ardent pro-abortion advocacy and public defiance of Church doctrine have repercussions. In many respects, she has made this choice for herself via her words and deeds, he explained.

A Rhode Island publication reveals Providence Bishop Thomas Tobin found that Archbishop Cordileone wrote a serious, well-reasoned, and compassionate letter that faithfully reflects the teaching and the law of the Church. He, too, supports the archbishop’s stance.
From his social media account, Oakland Bishop Michael Barber stated his support for Archbishop Cordileone’s heroic and compassionate stand for the preservation and defense of human life.

Pope Francis stated last September that the Church’s stance on abortion is that it is murder. Whoever performs an abortion kills, any way you look at it. The pontiff said that all of the organs are present by the third week after conception, even the DNA. It’s a human life!