Caught in CROSSFIRE – She Was SHOT!

London, one of the world’s most famous gun-free zones, experienced another outbreak of violence this week. This time, the neighborhood of Stamford Hill, located in North London, was shattered by a drive-by shooting at 7:30 in the evening on May 14.

A woman in her thirties sustained a gunshot wound to the leg.

Emergency crews, including a paramedic helicopter, were scrambled to the scene at the request of police officers on the scene. They loaded the injured woman aboard and rushed her to the hospital. As of the morning after the attack, the victim’s conditioning was described as not life-threatening.

The shooters remain at large.

Investigators with the Metropolitan Police Force have, to this point, been unable determine how many cars were involved—some say two, some say one—or how many shots were fired. Met officials said that they are still trying to “establish the circumstance” of the attack.

One party, who was at the scene when the attack occurred, told the Daily Mail Online that they witnessed occupants of two cars pointing guns at each other. The woman, characterized as an “innocent bystander,” was simply caught in the crossfire.

The witness went on to state that one of the cars took off toward a park located about a half mile distant, called Clapton Common. After they did, two more shots were fired.

When police reached the scene they ordered concerned residents, who had come out into the street to investigate, to go back inside, citing fears that the assailants might return to the scene.

Videos posted to social media show onlookers by the dozen flocking to the scene as emergency services personnel arrived.

Locals are reported to be dazed following the incident, with one resident saying that they’d been told that the shooting arose from a fight where “bad blood” was in play.

At this time, no other injuries have been reported, and no arrests have been made.