CDC Called Communist China An “Asset”

( CDC Called Communist China An “Asset”

A shocking unearthed video filmed in February 2020 shows Anne Schuchat, the Principal Deputy Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, calling the Confucius Institute – which is funded by the Chinese Communist Party – as “assets” for the United States and our response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Schuchat was appointed to her position during the controversial Obama administration, back in 2015, and insisted that the Confucius Institute – which is a public educational partnership between Chinese colleges and educational facilities across the rest of the world – is a positive thing for America.

During the February 2020 press conference, a spokesperson from the Confucius Institute asked if there is “a space for nonprofits like ours to get involved and help either through translation or community outreach.”

“The language and cultural competence of an organization like yours can be an asset to this type of response,” Schuchat responded.

There’s not much room for excuses when it calls to calling the Confucius Institute U.S. Center an “asset” – especially only last year. The program was determined to be a foreign mission of the Chinese Communist Party by the Trump administration.

As soon as Schuchat made the comment, the Chinese organization immediately began publicizing it – making clips for its YouTube channel and then including those clips in a press release sent out promoting their work.

Do you see the formula? A representative of the Chinese organization prompts a positive comment in the form of a question, and then heavily promotes the comment – and it’s not even exaggerated. Schuchat meant it.

In a press release roughly one week after the press conference, the Chinese headquarters of the Confucius Institute issued a press release claiming that China has, “in the spirit of being responsible for people’s health and for global public health, taken the most comprehensive and strict prevention and control measures.”

It’s a very different story from the one painted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In recent years, the U.S. federal government revealed “undisclosed ties to Chinese institutions, and conflicted loyalties.”

But that doesn’t appear to be something the Biden administration is willing to tackle…or something Obama-appointed government officials believe is important.