CEO Of New York’s Biggest Hospital Says There’s “No Crisis”

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( While New York Governor Kathy Hochul shuts down all elective surgeries and panics over the far milder Omicron variant of COVID, the CEO of New York State’s largest hospital system is calling for calm.

On Tuesday, Northwell Health CEO Michael Dowling told CNN that while cases are rising, it doesn’t automatically mean that hospitalizations will rise as well.

Dowling said hospitals in the Northwell Health network, which serves New York City, Long Island, and Westchester County, were doing “very, very well” managing the cases, adding “there is no crisis.”

Maybe Dowling should let the idiot governor of New York know that. Because Kathy Hochul is in a full-blown panic over what amounts to a bad cold.

Dowling said Northwell Health network had about 460 COVID patients which is less than 10 percent of its overall capacity.

This is consistent with what hospitals in South Africa have seen. Bloomberg reported last week that hospitalizations due to Omicron are 90 percent lower than hospitalizations during the Delta outbreak. With the Delta surge, 19 percent of cases ended up in the hospital while only 1.7 percent of Omicron patients end up hospitalized.

Dowling said the current caseload in hospitals is “modest,” and urged people to calm down and be a bit more rational. The irony of course is Dowling said this on CNN – the network that goes out of its way to panic viewers with irrational fearmongering.

Dowling did encourage people to get vaccinated, pointing out that 80 percent of the people who are hospitalized are not vaccinated for the virus. He said the hospital numbers would be even lower if everyone was vaccinated.

Dowling said it made no sense that there are people who, even now, refuse to get vaccinated for COVID, adding not getting vaccinated is “illogical” and “stupid.”

According to the New York Post, the state reported a record-setting 38,000 cases of COVID on Thursday. That is ten thousand more cases than the previous single-day record recorded during the peak of the pandemic.

However, the increase in recorded cases is likely fueled by the wide availability of testing, something New York State did not enjoy during the initial pandemic. On Thursday alone, 374,786 individuals received a COVID test.