Challenger Rises To Take On Top Trump Enemy

A Senate candidate in California has shown himself to be a serious challenger to one of Trump’s longest adversaries, which is good news for Republicans.

Reports show Steve Garvey, a Republican vying to unseat Senator Laphonza Butler in the next year, has shown improvement in the polls, which raises the possibility that the state’s general election would be a red-versus-blue contest rather than the predicted moderate-versus-progressive showdown in California.

Given that the California primary is nonpartisan, two candidates from the same party can advance to the general election.

In a hypothetical primary, Garvey would be 11 points behind the leader, the more establishment-aligned Democrat Adam Schiff, according to a POLITICO/Morning Consult survey. Garvey comes in second with 14% support, far-left Representatives Katie Porter (13%) and Representative Barbara Lee (11%), while Schiff tops the race with 25%.

To tarnish President Trump’s historic 2016 election victory, the Russia collusion falsehood was promoted, and Schiff is likely the person most responsible for this.

Reports show “Shifty Schiff” and “Pencil Neck” are just a few of the taunts that the former president has thrown at Schiff over the years. The 12-term Dem was an investigator into the 2021 Capitol riot and the primary manager of Trump’s impeachment proceedings in the first trial.

In January 2023, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Ca) removed Schiff from the House Intelligence Committee.

Several Republicans opposed Schff’s Censure in June 2023, prompting Trump to demand their primaries.

Trump said on Truth Social that there should be a quick primary for every Republican who voted against Schiff’s censure. There are several excellent candidates available.

A report shows that even though he resides in Maryland, he vies to become the next senator for California, along with the other extreme left-wing candidates.

Garvey, a California resident and former MLB player for the LA Dodgers and the San Diego Padres in the ’60s through the ’80s, has steadily climbed the polls since he announced his candidacy for the Senate last October.