Cheaters Most Likely Work In These Professions

In a new report released by RANT Casino, it has been ascertained that teachers and healthcare workers are the most likely employees to eventually commit adultery and cheat on their partners. A report was comprised after survey data was collected from nearly 4,000 individuals in the United Kingdom. The report determined that about 85% of unfaithful interactions have their origins in the workplace, and nearly one in five employees admitted to have cheated at one point or another. This statistic is staggering, as some 20% of individuals admitted to infidelity. In the field of sales, some 14.5% of people confessed to scandalous behavior. In the field of teaching and education, 13.7% admitted to the act of cheating, and in healthcare, some 12.5% admitted to unfaithfulness. Professionals in other industries were deemed extremely unlikely to commit scandalous behavior. In the pharmaceutical industry and other related science oriented fields, only 0.1% of individuals reported cheating activities. Lawyers even were deemed to be a career in which loyalty was espoused in relationships, with only 0.5% reporting unfaithfulness.

Marriage rates in the United States have declined by some 60% over the last 50 years. This statistic, while sad, is hardly surprising. In general, as the nation has become more and more material, and social norms have become much looser and more “liberal”, family values in all aspects of life have been eroded completely at a macro level in society. In 1970, marriage rates stood at 76.5%. Today, they stand at just 31%.

Race may have something to do with fidelity and marriage as well. In the report by the National Center for Family and Marriage Research, Hispanic and Black women who were married went down by 33% and 60% respectively. According to an article published in the City Journal, some 70% of black children are born to single mothers. Across the board, family values in America are waning, along with social cohesion and stability.