Child Coffin Sales Spike Suddenly According To New Report

( A man with strong personal and familial links to the casket industry has reported a sharp increase in demand for child-size coffins. He claimed it corresponds with the introduction of the COVID vaccination for children. There are sharp increases in deaths among children and other population categories. The source told Peters that to prepare for more children’s funeral services, large orders for children’s caskets are being marketed to funeral houses around the nation.

Reports show casket salesman Mick Haddock responded to an initial tweet that went viral describing the large number of children that funeral directors have reported burying “within a few months of the kiddie jab.” It outlined the sharp increase in demand for child-size caskets that his family’s manufacturing company had seen. Haddock claimed that the post-COVID vaccination rise marks the first time in the company’s well over 30 years of operation that they have sold children’s caskets in large quantities.

Haddock visited The Stew Peters Show to elaborate more after raising awareness of the sharp increase in orders for children’s coffins. He said that his family’s firm has relationships with significant distributors across the US and Canada, including Costco. The goods are distributed throughout North America to shops and cemeteries.

Call it magic or the vaccination, but something has occurred that is resulting in an extraordinary number of fatalities, Haddock remarked.

Peters claimed that we are seeing the “intended consequences” of the massive post-vaccine death wave.

In the Stew Peters video, Haddock and Peters addressed how mortality has increased dramatically with the implementation of COVID-19 and its government-sponsored therapies, in addition to the dramatic increase in child fatalities. After receiving the COVID vaccination, elite athletes have been observed falling on the field, and waves of adult fatalities have been linked to “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.” SADS is a brand-new medical theory whose emergence coincides with the introduction of COVID vaccines.

“There are no conspiracies, but there are also no coincidences.” – Stephen K. Bannon.