China Claims Special Soup Cuts COVID Death Rate In Half

( According to The People’s Daily, a state-run propaganda newspaper in China, a kind of soup used in Traditional Chinese Medicine has proven effective at reducing the chances of dying from the Chinese coronavirus.

Let’s hope one of the ingredients isn’t bat…

The soup, known as “Qingfei paidu soup,” is made up of 21 Chinese herbs that are changed depending on the condition a patient suffers from. The newspaper explains how, among the most common ingredients are licorice root, ephedra, and bitter almonds.

It’s just one of many different remedies used in Chinese medicine, and something that’s being widely promoted by the Chinese government as an alternative to regular medicine.

There remains no clear medical reason why the Chinese Communist Party would advocate for the use of herbs to counter a serious viral infection that can cause life-threatening respiratory problems – but then again, this is the authoritarian regime that tried to hide the COVID-19 outbreak from the rest of the world despite knowing it had already left the nation’s borders…

Supporters of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believe that herbs can heal patients by interacting with the “qi,” or the natural energy, of the human body. It’s believed by millions of Chinese people that healers and TCM remedies can be used to strengthen and rebalance the qi, which in turns heals conditions and ailments.

And while there’s no legitimate medical reason to eat this soup to combat the effects of COVID-19, there is a financial incentive for the Chinese Communist Party which reportedly rakes in tens of billions of dollars from the industry every year.

A report from February 2020 revealed how the sector took in $130 billion in 2016, and China exported some $526 worth of TCM products to the United States alone – making up some 15% of its TCM exports in 2016.

TCM remedies for COVID-19 could prove extremely profitable for China.