China Demands U.S. Keep Troops Out Of Taiwan

( Now that the Communist Party of China no longer has to contend with an American president that looks after his own people, the Chinese are calling on the United States to stay out of Taiwan following reports that the American military has been secretly training Taiwanese forces for the last 12 months.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told a press conference that the One China principle – which is the incorrect assumption that any land China claims is Chinese is…Chinese – is the “political foundation of China and U.S. relations.”

The spokesman added that the United States must not sever diplomatic relations with China and must “abrogate its mutual defense treaty with Taiwan” and American forces must withdraw from Taiwan.

It comes as China issues yet more threats to Taiwan, a region that is considered by much of the world to be an independent nation but which is being subjugated and threatened by the Chinese Communist Party.

Zhao said that the United States has made its “commitment” to China clear, and that President Joe Biden has “emphasized that it has no intention to change the One China principle.”

It looks like China finally has an American president they can count on to capitulate and bend to the will of communists. Even if it means the people of Taiwan suffer…and the thousands of Uighur Muslims being forced to work in labor camps in China.

Real nice, Joe Biden. Real nice.