China Is Harvesting Stolen Information On American Citizens

( A cyber intelligence expert formerly of the Defense Intelligence Agency just revealed that the Chinese Communist Party is “weaponizing” the personal information of a huge number of American citizens as part of its efforts to build advanced artificial technology, to commit espionage, and to revolutionize its military.

Bob Gourley, previously the chief technology officer at the Defense Intelligence Agency and a well-known cyberintelligence specialist, recently said that China is “weakening” despite what the country tells the rest of the world. He added that the nation’s lack of major economic growth has put a “lot of stress and pressure” on the communist regime to find new sources of revenue…and that those sources of revenue include espionage against the West.

“These new sources of revenue are things that include exploitation of intellectual property, more ransomware, more direct theft electronically,” he said during an interview with NTD. He also said that in the near future, the West faces major danger in the form of Chinese surveillance.

According to Gourley, the surveillance networks used across China are helping the nation’s government document and profile every single one of its citizens, and that surveillance is expanding outside of Chinese borders and into the United States.

In March of last year, social media giant Facebook revealed how Chinese hackers had been blocked from using the platform to track activists campaigning for the release of Uyghur Muslims forced into concentration camps in the Xinjiang province of China. Among those being tracked by hackers were activists living in Kazakhstan, Turkey, Syria, Canada, Australia, and the United States.

Hackers successfully obtained information on individual user devices, created fake Facebook accounts to befriend victims, and tricking people into clicking on links that compromised their data.

This kind of hacking and more, Gourley says, poses a threat to the United States and will likely continue as China scrambles to find new ways to get one over the West.

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