China is Weaponizing Climate Change to Destroy US Economy

( China is twisting the West’s obsession with climate change to use it as a political and economic weapon, according to a recent report.

“China’s Energy Dream,” a new report by The Global Warming Policy Foundation in London outlines Beijing’s manipulation of international climate agreements and concludes that China is using climate policy both to strengthen its economy and to weaken the economies of other countries.

Meanwhile, that dope John Kerry is bending over backward to secure a climate change agreement with China. We really are governed by deeply naïve and stupid people.

The report’s author, Patricia Adams, points out that this was clear during the recent UN Climate Conference in Glasgow, Scotland in November. With pressure from Beijing, an agreement to “phase out” coal-burning power plants was changed to “phase down” to allow Beijing to continue using coal-burning plants.

And while China got what it wanted, the dopes at the UN climate conference patting themselves on the back that they secured a “deal” with China.

The report shows that Beijing’s top priority is relying on fossil fuels for economic growth. Pursuing carbon reductions in China would do nothing to help Beijing’s goal of becoming the foremost superpower by 2049.

All countries rely on fossil fuels to sustain economic growth and prosperity. China is the only economic superpower that isn’t stupid enough to commit economic suicide by trying to phase them out.

In short, the willingness of the West to commit suicide in the name of “saving the planet” will only guarantee that China will meet its goal of becoming the world’s economic superpower. It may even meet it sooner than 2049.

In an interview with The Epoch Times last week, Patricia Adams said Beijing’s most effective weapon is to get Western countries to pursue their crazy Climate Change agenda. It will destroy their economies while China keeps chugging along.

Sure, Beijing will make promises and sign agreements, but China will never abide by them. And while China does nothing to reduce carbon emissions, Adams explained, it will continue to push the United States and other Western countries to do so.

Adams explained that the current climate policies of the United States are an example of that economic suicide. While China expands its economy through the use of fossil fuels, the US has banned fracking and new oil extraction, canceled pipelines, and pushes for “unrealistic” subsidies for wind and solar power.

Read Adams’ interview HERE.