China May “Accidentally” Hit United States, Experts Warn

( China might expect to become the world’s economic and military superpower in the next few years, but that hasn’t changed the fact that the country’s standards when deploying new technology are significantly lower than America’s – and that’s on full display right now as an out-of-control Chinese rocket is careening back to Earth.

A 21-ton rocket from China is currently on an uncontrollable path to the United States or another neighboring populated country, with experts claiming that the rocket could well land on an inhabited area.

According to an April 30 Space News report, the “Chinese Long March 5B” rocket was successfully launched on April 29 with the intention of delivering a 22-ton module named “Tianhe” to the nation’s space station.

Once the module separated from the rocket and entered orbit, the boosters and core stage rocket are now careening back to the ground and are totally uncontrollable.

The report said that the rocket is expected to land in the United States or surrounding countries, but could end up as far away as Madrid, Spain. And it could land in a city or inhabited place.

First a virus from China, now an out-of-control rocket posing a danger to the lives of an untold number of people from China.

Thankfully, the fact that much of the planet is ocean means that there is a good chance the rocket could land in water, but at this point nobody really knows where it is going to end up.

The United States Space Command confirmed that they are tracking the rocket and they expect it to land at some point on Saturday.

“We’re tracking it. We’re following it as closely as we can,” Space Command spokesman John Kirby told the press this week. “It’s just a little too soon right now to know where it’s going to go or what if anything can be done about that…I don’t want to hypothesize or speculate about possible actions the department might or might not take here.”

China broke international guidelines that require rockets to descend back to the ground or ocean in a controlled way.

Let’s pray that nobody is hurt.