China Says Elon Musk Is Promoting Communist Values

Elon Musk, the space entrepreneur, car manufacturer, and prominent figure on social media, concluded his visit to China on Thursday. 

During his trip, he met with several influential members of China’s Communist Party, including Politburo members, indulged in a lavish 16-course dinner in Beijing, garnering significant attention on the state-controlled Weibo platform.

Musk’s visit to China primarily revolved around his role as the CEO of Tesla, an electric car company that has gained notoriety for incidents involving spontaneous vehicle explosions. 

Just before Musk’s departure, Tesla faced a fresh scandal when an anonymous whistleblower leaked confidential documents highlighting the company’s struggles with “phantom braking” and other hazardous malfunctions.

On Wednesday night, Musk visited the Tesla “giga-factory” in Shanghai, where he captured a photo alongside his China team. This image was later shared on Weibo by Tesla’s Global Vice President, Grace Tao.

Before he departed from Beijing on Thursday morning, Musk’s visit to his own company seemed to be the final leg of his itinerary in China. 

Commencing his trip with a meeting with Foreign Minister Qin Gang, Qin encouraged Musk to inspire American business leaders in his circle to invest in the totalitarian country. 

Later, he attended a meeting with Minister of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) Wang Wentao and Jin Zhuanglong. Commerce Minister.

According to Reuters, Musk also met with Chinese Vice Premier Ding Xuexiang, a highly influential member of the Communist Party Politburo.

One of the experts endorsed by the regime, Dong Dengxin, who serves as the director of Wuhan University, conveyed to the newspaper that Musk was relaying a message to fellow business tycoons in the United States. 

According to Dong, Musk implied that the robust trade and economic partnership between China and the US is an unstoppable force, even in the face of Washington’s attempts to separate ties with China.

Dong stated, “As a prominent global high-tech company, Tesla’s CEO visiting China demonstrates the confidence foreign companies have in China and their positive outlook on the future growth prospects of the world’s second-largest economy.”

China has long relied on Musk to promote its business climate, often while insulting Americans, particularly the American working class.