China Says It Will Soon Take “Classic Measures”

( Now that President Donald Trump has left the White House, China is more emboldened than ever in its goal to capture countries that have no interest in being part of their communist empire. Chinese President Xi Jinping has repeatedly warned that he plans to invade Taiwan, calling the move a “reunification,” but Taiwan and the West have resisted the idea.

And now, a Beijing official is warning that the Chinese Communist Party would take “drastic measures” if Taiwan continues to move towards total independence from China.

In other words, if the people of Taiwan tell China that they don’t want to be a part of their totalitarian communist regime, the totalitarian communist regime will take “drastic” measures to ensure that it happens anyway.

Doesn’t exactly look good, does it?

Ma Xiaoguang, the Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman in China, told the press that if “separatist forces in Taiwan seeking independence provoke, exert force or even break through any red line,” then Chins would “have to take drastic measures.”

Notice how vague they are with these warnings? What are the red lines, and who gets to define them? And why can’t Taiwan assert its own independence if it doesn’t want to be a part of the Chinese empire?

While President Joe Biden continues to send mixed signals about the United States’ position in China and Taiwan, the U.S. government is quietly offering military and financial support to Taiwan as tensions with China increase.

President Biden has sided repeatedly with China’s “One China” policy, which means China expects to be able to demand unification with any country they want to absorb, and the country is once again citing this policy as a reason why they should be able to invade Taiwan.

Technically, the United Nations doesn’t recognize Taiwan as an independent nation, meaning things are probably about to get messy.

Could China provoke a new war, knowing that President Biden is easier to manipulate than President Trump?