China Supports Iran’s Insane Demands

( Chinese leader Xi Jinping confirmed that he supports Iran, the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world, in its ongoing battle with the United States over sanctions implemented during the Trump administration. Jinping offered his support to the outgoing president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, on Monday.

Xi told the Iranian leader that China supports the “reasonable demands” made by Iran, which include the total lifting of all economic sanctions on the country. Iranian leaders have demanded that President Joe Biden lift every single sanction before they even consider the possibility of becoming compliant with the conditions laid out in the 2015 “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” – or the “Iran Nuclear Deal.”

A readout of the call between Zi and Rouhani reveals that the Chinese leader said Iran was a partner in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. Which is just…incredible. Iran suffered so badly during the COVID-19 pandemic that President Donald Trump reached out and offered any support the United States could offer, which Iran promptly refused.

After discussing 50 years of diplomacy between Iran and China – two nations with bizarre authoritarian governments founded on extremist ideologies – the leaders discussed the possibility of re-entering the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal which Iran never fully complied with anyway.

The readout of the discussion also revealed that China was very much on the side of Palestine.

“China will also continue to play a constructive role in pushing for an early and just settlement of the Palestine question,” the readout explained. China added that its government is ready to work with Iran, which is firmly on the side of Hamas, the extremist Islamic terrorist organization that controls Palestine.

With Xi now involved in the JCPOA negotiations, it seems more likely than ever that President Biden is about to buckle and concede to Iran’s demands.