China Threatens Drastic Measures Against America’s Ally of Taiwan

( Warning that Taiwan’s provocations and outside meddling could intensify in 2022, on Wednesday, China threatened “drastic measures” if Taiwan makes any attempt to gain formal independence.

Ma Xiaoguang, the spokesman for Beijing’s Taiwan Affairs Office told reporters last week that China will do its best to seek peaceful reunification with Taiwan, but warned that Beijing would act if any red lines on independence were crossed.

Ma warned if Taiwan’s “separatist forces” provoke, exert force, or cross any of these red lines to seek independence, “we will have to take drastic measures.”

Ma also predicted that in the coming months, the provocation by pro-independence forces and “external intervention” will cause the situation in the Taiwan Strait to grow “sharper and more intense.”

In a statement late Wednesday, Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council urged Beijing to “seriously reflect on its work towards Taiwan” and make the correct judgment on the situation. The Council called for dialogue on an equal basis, adding that it has maintained a policy of safeguarding peace across the Taiwan Strait by “not provoking” China.

Beijing has regularly described Taiwan as the most sensitive issue in its relations with the United States, which remains the island’s most important international backer and arms supplier.

US policy recognizes only one China, however, it is required by law to provide Taiwan with the means to defend itself, despite having no formal diplomatic ties. This policy of “strategic ambiguity” has led to questions on whether the United States would intervene should China decide to launch an attack against Taiwan.

Despite President Biden offering strong hints that the US would defend Taiwan, the United States has never officially declared any intention of doing so. The Biden administration has only maintained that it would work diplomatically to ensure the “status quo” remains unchanged.

After the Republic of China was defeated by Mao’s communist party in 1949, the ROC government fled to Taiwan and the mainland became the People’s Republic of China. While the PRC has never directly governed the island, Beijing maintains that Taiwan is part of China.