China Uses Barack Obama’s Selfishness To Attack America

( For Democrats, hypocrisy is a feature, not a bug. They know they’re hypocrites, but they don’t care. Democrat politicians lecture and scold Americans about the super-scary delta variant – forcing Americans back behind masks and treating the unvaccinated like lepers. But they live their lives as if COVID isn’t anything to fret about.

This is why former president Barack Obama didn’t think twice about throwing a gigantic birthday party for himself over the weekend. Obama knows he looks like a hypocrite, but he doesn’t care. COVID restrictions are for the little people, not for the rich, powerful and famous. To Obama, it isn’t hypocrisy to flout COVID restrictions because people like Obama just assume those COVID restrictions don’t apply to them.

Of course China, which cannot pass up the chance to lecture America over hypocrisy, wasted no time adding Obama’s birthday bash to the list of reasons Americans are hypocrites when it comes to COVID and “human rights.”

An editorial from China’s state-run Global Times attempted to scold and shame America over Obama’s massive birthday celebration, claiming this self-congratulatory soiree would become a “super spreader event that overshadows the US’ already wretched fight against the pandemic.”

But it isn’t Obama they’re attacking; it’s the US.

China never fails to find a reason to portray the United States as somehow being responsible for the pandemic China unleashed on the world. Unfortunately, the American ruling elite just can’t stop giving China reasons to do so.

The editorial didn’t just attack Obama’s party. It also called attention to DC Mayor Muriel Bowser for violating her own mask mandate. It pointed to President Biden’s hypocrisy for holding a large July 4th event at the White House in order to “tout his administration’s ‘achievements’ fighting the pandemic.”

Democrats fail to grasp that the whole world sees what they do. And their mixed messaging, COVID hypocrisy and bungling response to COVID-19 is a tremendous gift to America’s enemies.

China most of all.

The Global Times editorial sums up just how much China enjoys watching America scramble to deal with the pandemic China unleashed on us. Its closing paragraph oozes with smug delight:

“With this political farce being staged again and again, the US, once a ‘shining city on the hill,’ has become more divided as a result of the pandemic.”

They may as well have written “Mission Accomplished.”