China Works “Deal” With Hilton To Build Over Bulldozed Mosque

( One thing that Democrats and Republicans are fairly united on these days is the issue of the Uyghur Muslim genocide in China. While the Democrats, including President Biden, may not see eye to eye on how to deal with China, most politicians condemn the Chinese Communist Party’s practice of putting Uyghur Muslims into “re-education camps”…but Hilton Hotels don’t seem to be quite as bothered by it.

Bitter Winter, a human rights magazine, claimed in a piece published online on June 23 that Hilton Hotels, the U.S.-based hospitality firm, is expected to build a hotel on the site of an Uyghur mosque. The mosque was demolished by Chinese authorities in the Xinjiang region as part of an ongoing campaign to remove non-communist ideological symbols from the country.

Bitter Winter said that the site of the former mosque was purchased by a local developer in an action, and a contract was signed with Hampton Hotel, which is owned by Hilton, to build a new hotel on the site.

The outlet cited a report from The Telegraph, a British newspaper, which also reported earlier this month that the Chinese authorities pulled down the Hotan Duling Mosque as part of a plan to replace the religious facilities with new hotels.

The Telegraph said that the land was sold in a public auction in 2019.

CAIR, the Council for American Islamic Relations, which is often criticized for being a front group of the Muslim Brotherhood, wrote to the Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. CEO Christopher Nassetta this month and urged him to recover the plans immediately, citing the ongoing genocide of Uyghur Muslims.

Perhaps the message would be more powerful coming from an organization that hasn’t been declared a terrorist group by the United Arab Emirates and recognized for being a “co-conspirator” in operations funding terrorist group Hamas…