Chinese Ally Funding Biden’s Test Kits Is Blacklisted, Report Finds

( Last month, after the Biden administration finally began distributing its promised free at-home COVID test kits, many Americans were stunned to discover that some of those taxpayer-funded COVID tests came with a “made in China” label.

Approximately one-third of the promised 1 billion tests the Biden administration will provide for free are coming from iHealth Labs, a California subsidiary of Andon Health, a Chinese medical gear manufacturer.

Roughly $1.8 billion of the White House rollout came from the Department of Defense which awarded two contracts to iHealth on January 13 and January 26 to supply 354 million Chinese-made COVID test kits for mailing to US homes.

Founded in 1995 in the city of Tianjin, Andon Health has been known as a major producer of blood pressure monitors. In 2010, Andon Health went public in Shenzhen, China. That same year, iHealth Labs was founded.

Andon owns a 70 percent stake in iHealth Labs. Another Chinese company, smartphone maker Xiaomi, holds a 20 percent stake. Xiaomi is among the Chinese tech companies blacklisted from selling its products in the United States.

Before the COVID pandemic, Andon was losing money for seven consecutive years. But in November 2021, the company began making COVID self-test kits on a commercial scale. That same month, the FDA gave iHealth Labs emergency approval to sell its COVID nasal swab test kits in the US. And driven by US sales, Andon’s stock value soared by nearly 14-fold by mid-January.

The Chinese-caused pandemic has been very good to Andon Health. Early in the pandemic, Chinese authorities lauded Andon for its role in China’s pandemic control efforts.

In May 2020, Andon celebrated the fourth “China Brand Day” by boasting that it had become an “ambassador for Chinese brands” bringing a “high standard” of Chinese products to the world.

In early January, Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott wrote a letter to HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra asking the Biden administration to prohibit the purchase of COVID test kits made in China.

Scott found it particularly objectionable that American taxpayers are supporting Communist China rather than US manufacturers, especially since China can’t stop bragging about in their state-run propaganda outlets.