Chinese Troops Told To Get Ready For A Fight

( Last week, Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke to soldiers at Beijing’s Central Military Commission command center where he ordered them to make preparations to “fight and win” in any future wars.

On Tuesday, Xi was at the command center for an inspection of routine operations. And while he didn’t identify any specific threat or possible opponent, Xi told the soldiers in attendance that China faced “increased instability” that would require “arduous” labor from each member of its military.

China’s state-run media published photos and videos of President Xi’s visit to the command center, showing him shaking hands with soldiers and observing the operations.

In his remarks to the soldiers, Xi said that the Chinese military must “devote” all of its “energy to and carry out all its work for combat readiness” while enhancing its “capability to fight and win” so that it can “fulfill its missions and tasks in the near era.”

According to the state-run Xinhua news agency, Xi instructed the Chinese armed forces to “thoroughly study, publicize and implement the guiding principles” of the 20th Communist Party National Congress and “take concrete actions to further modernize national defense and the military.”

Xinhua reported that Xi told the troops that China faces a time of “increased instability and uncertainty, and its military tasks remain arduous.”

While Xinhua did not name any specific potential threat, Bejing has long rattled its sabers at the United States and its allies over the fate of Taiwan.

China’s most recent military engagement occurred in 2020 as its forces battled India along their mutual border in the Galwan Valley deep in the Himalayas.

According to India, China lost twice as many soldiers as India did in the battle. At the time, Beijing refused to identify any soldier lost in the fight. Several months later, it claimed only four of its soldiers were killed.