Chloe Goodman Reveals Why She Banned Sister from Wedding

The absence of Chloe Goodman’s sister Lauryn prevented her from thoroughly enjoying her wedding in Portugal, where she married England football player Kyle Walker. She was afraid she would come to regret the decision not to invite Lauryn, which was among the most difficult she had ever faced. Because of Lauryn’s recent high-profile affair with Kyle, the “Ex on the Beach” actress Chloe felt compelled to cut ties with her sister.

Because Chloe knew it would cause trouble, she pleaded with Lauryn to wait to tell anybody Kyle’s name until after the wedding. She wished for an understated, joyous, and discreet wedding that would be remembered fondly for all the right reasons. But Lauryn let out her secret, turning her life back into “a spectacle” once more. Following his wife, Annie Kilne,  throwing Kyle from their £4 million Cheshire house, a verbal brawl ensued between the three of them.

Considering the amount of joy she had experienced with Lauryn and their younger sister Amelia, 25, in the days leading up to the wedding, the split was even more challenging to endure. Prior to the recent events with Lauryn and Kyle, Chloe had spent two years meticulously organizing her wedding. She had even booked the flights for the entire family. Lauryn was to be a bridesmaid.

Chloe, her soon-to-be husband Grant Hall, a defender for Rotherham, and their children were partying it up at the Quinta do Lago resort when word got out that Lauryn and her two kids were on vacation only five miles away. While Chloe was exchanging wedding vows, her sister was spotted on a boat.

According to her friends, Lauryn reportedly decided to travel anyway since she had already paid for her hotel and airfare. She was accompanied by a video team shooting for an ITV reality program. Unfortunately, legal issues seem to have put an end to the project; therefore, the footage will never be shown.

Actress Chloe said her sister Lauryn is a challenging person who may have sparked fights on the big day. After being the target of online harassment and threats after banning her sister, she is understandably worried about the safety of her children in public spaces. Many people tried to be there, so Chloe’s choice to prohibit her sister was not an easy one.

With one month under their belts as husband and wife, Chloe has finally come to terms with her choice and is prepared to confront Lauryn about it. She hopes that one day, the drama will be behind them since she loves her sister very much.