Chris Wallace Says He’s “Grateful” That Trump Doesn’t Like Him

( During an appearance on Fox News’ Sunday show “MediaBuzz,” Fox News anchor Chris Wallace joked with host Howard Kurtz about former President Donald Trump’s apparent obsession with him.

In a far-ranging segment that covered everything from the drone strike on an innocent family in Kabul to the news that General Mark Milley was in contact with Chinese military in the waning days of the Trump presidency, Kurtz closed up the interview by tossing out that former President Donald Trump is still taking shots at Chris Wallace over his performance as debate moderator in 2020. One of the criticisms Trump makes, Kurtz explained, was that Wallace wasn’t able to maintain control of the debate.

Wallace laughed and joked that, for a landlord, he’s very grateful that Trump is allowing him to occupy so much space in Donald Trump’s brain rent-free. But Wallace added that though he doesn’t want to talk about Trump, he admits that, yes, Donald Trump still wants to talk about that debate.

Asking about the accusation that Wallace was unable to maintain control, Kurtz asked him who is at fault for the debate going off the rails.

Again, jokingly, Wallace said that Fox sent some “poor, unfortunate Fox intern” to look into the debate. And what was learned is that Trump interrupted Biden and Wallace “145 times in 90 minutes.”

Then Wallace joked that it must be some kind of world record, suggesting Guinness should write Trump up for it.

Watch the entire segment HERE.

However, Wallace fails to mention that the barrage of interruptions during that debate was started, not by Donald Trump, but by Joe Biden and Chris Wallace himself.

Breitbart’s John Nolte reported at the time that the debate almost immediately went off the rails in large part because Biden and Wallace repeatedly interrupted Trump when he was trying to answer a question. As Nolte put it, after the President kept getting interrupted, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Trump decided to fight fire with fire and began interrupting the people who were interrupting him.

It was only after Joe Biden interrupted the President six times that President Trump interrupted him. Nolte details each time either Biden or Wallace interrupted the President in the beginning of the debate.

Wallace may have enjoyed mocking Trump, but to pretend that it was Trump’s fault that the debate was out of control is a complete revision of the truth.