Chris Wallace’s Emotional Interview Gains Online Attention

( Chris Wallace and Meghan Trainor had an emotional conversation in which the singer opened up about her anxiety and voice surgery difficulties. The conversation ended with the seasoned journalist reaching across the table, taking Meghan Trainor’s hand, and encouraging her to trust herself.

On Friday’s episode of “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?,” the singer discussed the significant challenges she encountered after the popularity of her smash song “All About That Bass,” including doors that wouldn’t open and surgery that would have permanently ruined her career.

Between the surgical procedures needed to treat a vocal chord hemorrhage, Trainor claims she started having crippling panic episodes. When Wallace played a clip from one that started during a live broadcast of the Grammy nominations she was co-hosting, she began to cry: “I remember losing vision. I was trying not to faint.”

Just don’t pass out right now. That is what Trainor remembers telling herself. She started crying in front of Gayle King and others as soon as the cameras were turned off, started sweating, and checked herself into the hospital. It wasn’t until later that she discovered she had an untreated anxiety illness.

Trainor informed Wallace that she often asks for help.  Even while it makes her uncomfortable and brings back bad memories, she tries to talk about it as often as possible “just in case someone out there is like, “Mom, that’s what I’m talking about.”

Wallace squeezed Trainor’s hand and praised her when she finished her story, calling her “amazing.”

He added that he only hoped that she fully believed it herself.

“The only one who doesn’t think that is you, occasionally.”

Trainor cried and said, “I know,” before asking, “Are you, my dad?”

Trainor’s new album, “Takin’ It Back,” is her fifth studio album for a major label. A radio station threatened to blacklist her songs if she didn’t go against the advice of her doctors.

Trainor says she’ll write a book about her struggles with body image.