Chuck Schumer Blocks Vote On Gun Control

( After some Democrat senators called for immediate votes on gun control legislation after last Tuesday’s mass murder in Uvalde, Texas, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said he wanted to wait until lawmakers could reach a bipartisan deal that could receive the 60 votes necessary to avoid a filibuster.

Schumer may be slow, but even he has figured out that rushing votes destined to fail makes him look like a complete idiot. He made that mistake last month by forcing a vote on the radical legislation that would have legalized abortion through all nine months of pregnancy nationwide. That bill only received 49 votes.

Of course, Schumer didn’t say that was the reason he wanted to wait. Instead, he blamed the delay entirely on Republicans, saying Republicans will filibuster the current legislation because they were beholden to the NRA.

Ah, yes. That tired boogeyman.

The NRA doesn’t wield the kind of power it once did. Most of the pushback on gun control laws isn’t coming from the NRA; it’s coming from American gun owners. But since Democrats have enough sense not to attack Americans directly, they blame it on the NRA.

Schumer claimed that Democrats got burned by Republicans in the past when they tried to push gun control legislation through the Senate.

Interesting fact, in 2013 when the Democrat-controlled Senate tried to pass gun control legislation pushed after the Sandy Hook mass murder, the measure failed, not because of the filibuster, but because only 40 Democrats voted for the bill.

That isn’t the Democrats getting burned by Republicans. That’s Democrats getting burned by members of their own party.

Schumer’s blather notwithstanding, the real reason the Senate Majority Leader doesn’t want to bring the bills to a vote right away is that he can’t even guarantee all 50 Democrats will vote for it.

Besides, if they rush a vote, Democrats won’t have the gun issue to campaign on for the midterms. Schumer would rather drag it out for as long as he can so the Democrats Senators facing reelection in November can campaign on “common-sense gun reform” while attacking Republicans and the NRA.