Chuck Schumer Offends CNN’s Don Lemon

( Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s dismissal of the lack of transparency from the White House surrounding President Biden’s classified document scandal even managed to irritate CNN’s leftwing morning host Don Lemon.

Schumer appeared on “CNN This Morning” after the co-hosts, Poppy Harlow, Don Lemon, and Kaitlan Collins, played a montage clip showing the same Republican lawmakers attacking Biden allegedly downplaying former President Trump’s stash of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago.

Schumer was quick to set himself apart from his Republican colleagues by claiming that his reactions to both Biden and Trump have been “entirely consistent,” pointing out that he withheld comment immediately after the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago.

But as the interview progressed, Schumer grew increasingly frustrated when the hosts continued to ask him questions about Biden’s mishandling of classified records.

When Poppy Harlow suggested that the White House hasn’t been transparent with the public, an irritated Schumer snapped that the special counsel would “get to the bottom of this” and that we should “let them do it, for God’s sakes!”

Schumer said he knows the hosts “want to buzz around and all of that,” prompting Harlow to interrupt him saying, “Let me buzz for one minute and I promise we’ll get onto something else.”

Don Lemon then piped in to tell Schumer that it isn’t just CNN that is “buzzing around.” He told Schumer that he is the Senate Majority Leader, adding “This is a really important issue” and not “just buzzing around.”

Schumer countered that if there wasn’t a special counsel assigned to investigate it, it would be different. He said now that there are “law enforcement people” with the “power to get all the facts” involved in both Trump and Biden’s classified documents, then we should “let the special prosecutors do their job.”

Harlow pointed out that the White House didn’t acknowledge that classified documents were found on November 2nd and December 20 until last week. She said the delay “begs the question of full transparency.” She told Schumer that it wasn’t just CNN that was questioning that. The Washington Post editorial board did as well.

But Schumer disagreed, telling Harlow that the White House’s legal obligation was to report the documents to the National Archives when they discovered them, which they did, “unlike Trump.”