Chuck Schumer Refuses To Go On Tucker Carlson’s Show For A Debate

( Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer claimed Tuesday that he turned down a request from Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson to debate a letter written to senior Fox executives by the New York Democrat.

Schumer wrote to Fox executives on Tuesday, defaming Carlson and requesting that the network immediately discontinue the irresponsible amplification of the so-called ‘Great Replacement’ theory, according to reports.

Schumer stated that because of a disturbing amount of amplification by Fox News, the white supremacist conspiracy theory had been introduced into the mainstream of American conversation. Schumer did not provide any proof to back up his assertions. He only mentioned an Associated Press survey and a New York Times investigation on Carlson.

Tucker Carlson’s show staff messaged Schumer after he submitted his letter to the news organization and blathered about Fox News on the Senate floor. Carlson offered to discuss the letter on his nightly show. Schumer denied the offer for unexplained reasons.

Schumer then took to the social media platform Twitter to say that Tucker Carlson invited him on his show to debate the letter he sent to Fox News and that Schumer declined. He then posted that Tucker Carlson needed to stop promoting the racist, dangerous ‘Replacement Theory.’

While Schumer’s position may have earned him accolades among his devotees, many others were perplexed by his choice to decline Carlson’s offer. If Tucker Carlson is truly propagating bigotry and angering Schumer, why would he not appear on the show to debate him in front of more than 3 million nightly viewers?

Social media users wanted answers from Chuck Schumer, according to reports.
Most wanted to know why he would accuse Carlson of bigotry but refused to say it to his face. Why send out letters and Tweets rather than face someone to have a discussion about it? Others mocked Schumer, saying he was afraid to face Carlson and that he was just a liar who could not back up his statements.

Carlson called Schumer a coward and joked about his ego on his show, suggesting this is perhaps the only media engagement he’s turned down in history.