Chuck Schumer Says Joe Manchin Not Enough To Flip Filibuster

( It looks like it’s all over for the “For the People Act”…at least, for now.

On Tuesday, Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced that fellow Democrat Senator Joe Manchin would finally fall in line and vote with his Democrat colleagues on pushing forward the hugely controversial election reform bill, but that it still wouldn’t be enough to overcome the Senate filibuster.

The fact that Manchin changed track and decided to vote for the legislation is surprising. The West Virginia Democrat has famously held back from supporting the Democrats’ most radical policy agendas, including removing the Senate filibuster and voting to advance the “For the People Act,” which would implement mass mail-in voting nationally and stop voters from being required to prove their identity before casting ballots.

Schumer revealed how he had received a commitment from Manchin to vote for the bill, which he eventually did. He promised to vote for the bill in exchange for Schumer considering an amendment he had made to the legislation – but it ultimately didn’t matter, as the Republicans were not on board with the radical policy proposal and the bill ultimately did not advance.

When asked, Schumer did not offer any comment on the future of the filibuster in the Senate. He told reporters that he was waiting to see the result of the vote on the “For the People Act,” which would effectively make it impossible for Republicans to win back the White House or either chamber of Congress, to decide how to proceed next.

Make no mistake, Schumer won’t stop until Democrats are in charge of every branch of government forever…even if it means finding the votes he needs to remove the Senate filibuster.

The For the People Act may be advanced in the Senate through a budget reconciliation bill being prepared by Bernie Sanders, the Senate Budget Committee Chairman. The bill would allow a simple majority vote to pass the legislation without the support of any Republicans…which could change the course of American history.

Is this the most partisan Democratic Party in American history? It seems like it…