Chuck Schumer Threatens To August Recess Unless He Gets What He Wants

( The Congressional calendar is posing a bit of a problem for President Biden’s dream of increasing the national debt with so-called “infrastructure” spending. As the days of July tick by without a vote in the Senate, the August recess looms nearer.

So Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has decided to play a little hardball with the US Senate – pass the infrastructure bills or no August recess for you!

This is the legislative version of “No TV until you do your homework!”

And for lawmakers, the threat to take away their recess might be an effective weapon.

After all, recess from Congress is the time when lobbyists and other interests groups send lawmakers on paid junkets to places like Qatar or the Bahamas or other fancy destinations. What Senator wants to give that up?

Last Friday, Schumer sent a letter to members of the Senate telling them they should prepare to work hard to pass the infrastructure bills – long nights, weekends. And of course, Schumer told them he was willing to cancel the August recess if need be.

In the meantime, Schumer plans to play a legislative version of “Beat the Clock.” Forcing Senators to push through both the negotiated bipartisan infrastructure bill and the Democrat-preferred multi-trillion dollar “everything under the sun is infrastructure” infrastructure bill.

On top of that, Schumer made it clear that he would ram through President Biden’s judicial nominees – adding that Senate Democrats should “stand ready” to fill any potential SCOTUS vacancy that might arise while they still hold (barely) the majority.

Schumer’s letter also expressed eagerness for the Senate to work on “provisions on climate change, health care, and the caring economy.”

“Caring economy.”

Democrats always name things the opposite of what they really are.

On top of that, Schumer also addressed what he claimed was Republican State legislatures passing laws to “keep people from voting.” He tasked Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Salad Comb) to hold a “field hearing” examining the “disgraceful tactics” Schumer claims Georgia Republicans used in passing their recent election law.

With such a full plate ahead of him, Schumer said the Senate will hold a “vote-a-rama” to jam everything through. Oddly, Schumer’s letter does not include any mention for Senators to actually read the bills they plan to vote on. But when do they ever do that?