CIA Jumps In To Try And Negotiate Hostage Deal

In the midst of Israel’s continuing battle in Gaza, CIA Director William Burns is assisting President Biden in his attempts to reach a settlement that would free the remainder of the hostages held by the terrorist organization Hamas.

Recently, White House National Security spokesman John Kirby told reporters that he had been assisting with the hostage agreement that was already in place and attempting to seek another one.

White House advisor Brett McGurk is now in the Middle East pursuing a settlement, and Kirby indicated that talks about attempting to achieve a new hostage arrangement have been serious and somber.

Reports show that Burns, who helped secure the hostages from Hamas last November, is set to meet with Israelis and Egyptians in Europe for negotiations.

In October 2023, Burns started frequent conversations with Mossad director David Barnea, who had negotiation power, to finalize that deal.

During its attack on Israel on October 7, which resulted in the deaths of approximately 1,200 Israelis, Hamas abducted nearly 250 hostages. The release of women and children was part of the original plan for the hostage deal, which included what was then thought to be an expectation of further releases.

William Burns reportedly has other interests outside of the CIA.

In an astonishing April article from 2023, the Wall Street Journal exposed that after his conviction for child molestation offenses, Jeffrey Epstein met with several left-wing figures, including William Burns,  who was also Joe Biden’s advisor.

The records that the Wall Street Journal discovered were associated with Epstein’s personal calendar throughout the investigation.

It has been verified by CIA spokesperson Tammy Kupperman Thorp that Burns had a meeting with Epstein in 2014.  She then claimed that the CIA’s William Burns was unaware of Epstein and his scandals.  Additionally, she said that the only reason Burns met with Epstein was because Burns was considering leaving the CIA for the private sector and was searching for guidance.