CIA Makes New Job Offer For “Equal Employment” Official

Social media erupted with mockery and outrage last week after the Central Intelligence Agency posted a jobs notice for an “Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist” that included a salary far higher than what the country’s top spy agency pays its foreign intelligence officers, the UK Daily Mail reported.

According to the job listing, the position comes with a salary in the neighborhood of between $154,428 and $183,500 a year. The Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist would be responsible for outreach and education initiatives to increase awareness of equity issues in the agency.

Meanwhile, a CIA foreign intelligence officer, or Collection Management Officer, responsible for doing the work the CIA exists to do is paid anywhere from $67,122 to $102,166.

According to the job description posted on the CIA’s website, the Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist is also expected to train and brief senior CIA officials on its so-called equality opportunities mission, which is described as asserting that all people have the “right to work and advance” based on ability and merit.

On its website, the CIA boasts that it recognizes that the country’s strength “comes from the diversity of its people.” It notes that people working at the CIA come from a “broad range of backgrounds and viewpoints” and asserts that the CIA’s diversity is the reason it keeps the country safe.

Meanwhile, a Collection Management Officer is responsible for evaluating foreign intelligence collected by the Directorate of Operations to ensure it is providing information to decision-makers in a timely, clear, accurate, and concise manner “that safeguards sensitive intelligence sources and methods.”

Unsurprisingly, social media users hammered the CIA and the Biden administration in general over placing a higher premium on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion than everything else.

While Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion positions are being cut from the private sector, the federal government continues to push the ideology on the country using taxpayer money.