Clarence Thomas “Infection” Update Released By Officials

( Flu-like symptoms sent Justice Clarence Thomas to the hospital late Friday evening. Tests were negative for Covid-19, but admittance to the Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, D.C., was necessary.

The administering of intravenous antibiotics followed after further tests confirmed infection.

The infection abated, and Thomas was to resume his usual workload from his hospital room via transcripts, briefs, and audiotapes of oral arguments. But today was the third day that Thomas missed oral arguments.

Court spokesman Patricia McCabe has provided no details or updates. Since the court announced Thomas’ hospitalization on Sunday, they have declined repeated requests for updates on his health.

Thomas is the second African American appointed to the Supreme Court. Thurgood Marshal was the first. He was appointed to the highest court in 1967 by Lyndon Johnson.

Thomas’s illness coincides with the Senate Judiciary Committee’s confirmation hearings for Justice Breyer’s potential replacement, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. If confirmed, she would be the first black woman appointed to the court.

Regarded as one of the most contentious confirmation hearings in history, the scrutiny of Thomas compelled him to famously dub it a “high-tech lynching for uppity blacks.”

Why did he feel this way?

An ex-colleague named Anita Hill was called as a witness and accused the judge of sexual harassment.

Among the claims by Hill was that Thomas once complained that he found a single pubic hair on his can of Coke and demanded to know how it got there.

She also famously testified that Thomas openly discussed and described an exceptionally endowed porn star that he recently saw in a video.

Thomas angrily denied these accusations and narrowly won confirmation.
The Senate voted 52–48 on October 15, 1991, to confirm. Thomas won with the support of 41 Republicans and 11 Democrats.

46 Democrats and 2 Republicans voted to reject his nomination.
“Jumping” Jim Jeffords (who later switched to the democrat party) and Bob Packwood were the two republicans that voted nay on Thomas.

Thomas, 73, has served on the Supreme Court for thirty years, the longest tenure amongst the nine jurists currently on the bench.