Clinton Insider Dies Suddenly

( Vernon Jones, a close ally of former President Bill Clinton died unexpectedly on Monday evening. Though unlike some other interesting instances of Clinton associates passing away in mysterious circumstances, Jones passed away at the age of 85.

A cause of death was not released, though relatives said that he died peacefully at home while surrounded by his wife and other family members.

Ann Walker, Jordan’s niece, told CNN that Jordan enjoyed his favorite dinner and dessert, the latter of which is chocolate chip ice cream, before going to bed. She said it was “just the way he would have wanted it.”

Vernon’s activism in the civil rights era meant he was heavily involved in politics from all angles, though he was mostly connected to high-profile Democrats like former Presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Lyndon Johnson.

He even worked with Republican Presidents George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan.

Failed presidential candidate and former First Lady Hillary Clinton called Jordan a “brave and determined leader in the civil rights and economic justice movements.”

She also suggested that the civil rights fight is not over, calling it an “unfinished struggle,” in a shocking insult to the civil rights activists who successfully fought for – and achieved – equal rights for all people.

In the United States, all people regardless of race are afforded exactly the same rights precisely because people like Jones fought for it.

Johnson famously advised former President Bill Clinton when he was the governor of Arkansas for his 1992 presidential campaign. He endorsed both of Hillary Clinton’s failed efforts to become president.

Former President Obama also remembered Johnson on Tuesday morning, sharing a Tweet that explained how he and his wife Michelle Obama “benefitted from Vernon Jordan’s wise counsel and warm friendship” and how they “deeply admired his tireless fight for civil right.”

And if you believe the Democrats, all his work was for nothing, because they say the work is nowhere near over…