Clintons’ Latest Actions Signal An Interest In 2024

( Earlier this month, the Clinton Foundation – run by former President Bill Clinton and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton – announced that the Clinton Global Initiative would be restarting. The announcement comes as rumors swirl that Hillary Clinton is considering running again in 2024, as President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris struggle to maintain support in the bolls.

The Clinton Global Initiative is a collective of business leaders, politicians, and philanthropists and claims to offer solutions to political problems and conflicts all over the world. It was established in 2005 when it first gathered business leaders to hear from high-profile speakers. Over the years the gathering of leaders has seen speakers like former President Barack Obama, and celebrities like Ben Affleck and Bono.

The initiative was canceled in 2016, however, when Hillary Clinton began her run for president. She claimed that it may have presented some conflicts of interest and so shut it down…but now, with three years to go until the next presidential election, Clinton is apparently starting it up again.

Is she trying to get her name out in the news again? Position herself as the natural leader of the Democratic Party? It sounds like it…

Bill Clinton announced that the plan to bring the initiative because was decided because it is “urgently needed” right now.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has ripped the cover off of longstanding inequities and vulnerabilities across our global community,” former President Clinton said in a letter.

He also referenced the “existential threat” of climate change and the assault against democracy “around the world.”

In other words, the Clintons want to start pretending that U.S. democracy is under assault by Republicans. That’s obviously their plan to win next time she runs, isn’t it?